Meet Our Team

Aysha Almeraisi


Aysha Almeraisi, the chairperson of Qodwa, has demonstrated an outstanding 10-year career in the financial sector. Her leadership skills and expertise have propelled her to the forefront of the industry, establishing her as an influential figure in the financial world. 

As the chairperson of the Qodwa Program, she has dedicated herself to mentoring aspiring leaders and empowering them to navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving financial industry. Under her guidance, the Qodwa Program has become a beacon of excellence, producing a new generation of leaders. Through her commitment to fostering leadership skills and embracing technological advancements, Aysha Almeraisi continues to shape the future of the financial industry.

Mariam Alarayedh

Deputy Chairperson

As a Business Development and Communications Specialist at Hope Talents and the Deputy Chairperson of Qodwa, Mariam navigates the professional landscape with a keen eye for potential and connecting people with possibilities that unlock doors. 

Her finance background and her expertise in market research, client relationship management, and strategic communication is instrumental in driving organizational success. Mariam’s unwavering commitment to personal growth and youth empowerment fuels her desire to guide others towards fulfilling their potential and leaving a footprint on the professional landscape in Bahrain and beyond.

Husain Aldairi

Head of Mentoring Relations

Husain Aldairi, Qodwa’s Head of Mentoring Relations, leveraging his diverse background in accounting and administration, Husain champions youth development through Qodwa. He fosters impactful connections between mentors and mentees, ensuring every pairing unlocks hidden potential. Whether overseeing the program budget, Leading engaging training sessions, or facilitating successful connections, Husain’s passion for continuous learning shines through.

Driven by the belief that mentorship empowers individuals to reach their full potential, Husain strives to cultivate a generation of future leaders who leave a lasting impact on the community.

Mohammed Bader

Head of Global Relations

Mohammed Bader serves as the Head of Global Relations at Qodwa and is responsible for aligning with the global Qodwa network and local partners. As a CFA Charterholder, Mohammed’s expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of financial principles and their application in complex scenarios. His experience, primarily in investment analysis and financial accounting advisory, reflects a commitment to ongoing professional development and a keen understanding of global financial markets. In his career, Mohammed has displayed proficiency in research, finance, accounting, and banking, showcasing his adaptability and analytical skills across various financial sectors.

Latifa Busharar

Head of Operations and Events

Latifa Busharar, the head of operations and events at Qodwa, is a highly committed finance officer who has a strong passion for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the finance industry. With nine years of experience in banking operations and finance, Latifa is well-equipped to handle the financial aspects of any business. What sets Latifa apart is her exceptional interpersonal skills and her ability to cultivate inclusive and supportive work environments. She believes in the power of collaboration and understands the importance of creating a space where everyone’s ideas are valued and respected. Latifa’s thirst for knowledge is insatiable, and she is always eager to learn and take on new challenges. She actively seeks opportunities to expand her professional network and connect with other finance professionals and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. She believes that mentorship is a powerful way to foster innovation, collaboration, and social impact.

Fatima Alsammak

Project and Operations Manager

Fatima Alsammak has recently joined Qodwa as a Project and Operations Manager, entrusted with the vital task of ensuring program effectiveness and operational efficiency. 

With a strong academic foundation in banking and finance as a fresh graduate, Fatima’s professional journey has been further enriched by her participation in INJAZ entrepreneurial program. 

Currently serving as a Client Associate and Portfolio Analyst within the banking sector, she demonstrates a remarkable enthusiasm and passion for career development, coupled with a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution to society. Inspired by the achievements of successful women in her field.

Jenan Alkhabbaz

Marketing and Operation Manager

Jenan Alkhabbaz is a driven individual who recently joined the leadership team at Qodwa. As a new member, she takes on the responsibility of ensuring the smooth execution of Qodwa’s sessions. With a solid educational background in accounting and finance, Jenan is determined to further expand her knowledge by obtaining professional certificates that are relevant to her field. She recognizes the importance of continuous learning. Jenan’s passion for public speaking sets her apart and she believes it will open doors for her at a professional level. She embraces every opportunity to share her experiences and knowledge with others, always striving to pay it forward, and actively trying to leave a positive imprint in her community.