Become a Mentor

By becoming a mentor, you will be able to gain access to training workshops delivered by world-class training professionals, career and life coaches. You will be able to develop leadership skills that transferrable to your workplace as you empower your mentee.

It's okay if you do not have any previous mentoring experience, you will be provided with all the relevant training on how to be an effective mentor.

You will also have a sense of personal satisfaction of being able to share your experiences along with contributing towards someone's professional development.

Become a Mentee

By becoming a mentee, you will gain access to an industry professional who will help you develop a clear focus on your specific development goals. You will learn from the guidance and experience of a seasoned professional and have a better analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

You will receive constructive feedback and tips from your mentor. You will also be invited to some of the training sessions that might be relevant to your self-development. These training sessions are delivered by world-class coaches.

You will also expand your professional network