The mentorship initiative at CFA Society Bahrain is designed to empower members and candidates by fostering their full potential, both academically and professionally, through personalized guidance and support

Training & Pairing

Experience the success of 50+ mentor/mentee pairs acknowledged by Tamkeen Labour Fund and CFA Institute.

  • Mentors received 45+ hours of training from 20+ expert trainers.
  • Training covered leadership, stress management, and team management.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of mentorship


Mentor/ Mentee

120 +

Training Hours

60 +

Concept & Launch

We conceptualized and launched the program back in 2018 in Bahrain. Today we are present in three other countries, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (2019), and our latest addition to the family, Ukraine (2020)

Empowered Team

The program is driven by a team of accomplished professionals, each with extensive experience in banking, financial services, business development and strategy.

Strategic Partnership

We are strategically sponsored and partnered with Ahli United Bank

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Real Achievements from Individuals Like You

“I believe that one of the many things that made our relationship successful was that my mentor & I were transparent with each other from the start which is how we come to find that our personalities , journey & challenges were not different after all”

Sara Bucheeri


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